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This manner of staying in the presence of God simply to protest, with one’s will, that we ourselves are his servants, is most holy and most excellent, most pure and extremely perfect. (Padre Pio)


Father, you love what I fear. Reply: I do not love suffering itself; I ask God for it, I desire it for the fruits it gives me: it gives glory to God, it saves my brethren in exile, it frees souls from the fires of purgatory, what more do I want?
Father, what is suffering? Reply: Expiation.
  (Padre Pio)


The Institute “Servants of Suffering” is a Secular Institute with two distinct sections, masculine and feminine, whose members live in the world, aspiring to the perfection of charity and sanctifying the world with the Gospel of Suffering.

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The Association known as the Servants of Suffering emanates from the Secular Institute “Servants of Suffering”. The latter is linked to the former by bonds of both a spiritual and legal nature; it participates in the same Charism and mission as in single family. Its members, being both clerics and lay people, taking their inspiration from the spirituality of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, their model of life, tend towards perfection in charity, and sanctify the world with the gospel of suffering.

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The origin of the Servants of Suffering

The Spiritual Family of the Servants of Suffering was founded by the diocesan priest Monsignor Pierino Galeone, born on 21 January 1927 in San Giorgio Jonico (TA – Italy), who, following the model and inspiration of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, wanted to take on for himself and his children the service of suffering as a testimony of charity towards his brothers.

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The Charism

Our Charism is born from the Crucified-Resurrected, like life from the travails of childbirth. “Christ’s Passion for us kindles our passion for Christ”, as we have been taught. In secularity we live the consecration of Jesus, with Him we enter the world as leaven so that the Kingdom may ferment there. Free in poor love, happy in chaste love, faithful in obedient love, as “silent cyrenees” we follow the Lamb wherever He goes (Rev 14:4), sharing in the grace of serving and suffering united with Him for the Church (Phil 1:29; Col 1:24; Gal 2:20).

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Consecration in the world
Serve the suffering
Fraternal communion
Our Inspirer

Padre Pio of Pietrelcina

Padre Pio has been known in the world as the stigmatized friar and will always be known as such.
The Lord wanted to make visible for him the signs of his crucifixion, but he kept his mystery hidden from everyone, even from him, just as he used to write: “I am a mystery to myself”.
Padre Pio always tried to hide everything: his stigmata, his wounds, the mystery of his crucifixion and his greatest mission throughout the course of the history of the Church and of the world.
I have seen Padre Pio to cry and to pray, to bleed and to suffer very much, but my eyes were incapable of seeing his spirit immersed in the ignominy of the Cross, while he used to drink the chalice of the passion. (“Padre Pio, my father” – Mons. Pierino Galeone)

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